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The Pearls are a Country-Rock, Americana, and Western Swing band that hails from Vancouver, WA. Their influences include The Band, The Eagles, George Jones, The Grateful Dead and The Everly Brothers, in addition to old Dixieland jazz and classic country acts like Slim Whitman. They are currently producing their first studio-length self-titled album. With gritty, nostalgic, and melodic tunes, The Pearls are a vocals-driven band with songs that blend the spirit of travel and adventure with Cajun, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and country influences. The Pearls share a love of traditional American music and the artistic lifestyle and their music is a reflection of their universal life philosophy, “Do brave things with simple songs.” These values make them accessible to every age group but yet deeply rooted in the things that drive the human condition. The Pearls are comprised of Patrick Tetreault, Wayne “Buck” Ryan, Joe Haegele, Nicholas O’Donnell, and Robin Suskind.

The Band

  • Patrick Tetreault

    Guitar, Vocals
  • W. Buck Ryan

    Bass, Vocals
  • Joe Haegele

    Drums, Percussion
  • Nicholas O'Donnell

    Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
  • Robin Suskind

    Pedal Steel, Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin
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